Who’s Bob?

Oh hey! That’s me. I’m a work hard, play hard type of guy. Some days I look like this…


I am a business analyst, and I run a practice that helps my clients who are primarily business owners make healthy decisions around their company operations and wealth management. There is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into making a business profitable, secure, and successful. I’m the guy that helps navigate those conversations and provides elite customer care that helps catapult my clients to stable success.

So on most days, you can find me in a suit and tie with polished shoes and a leather briefcase.

But other days, my favorite days, you can find me like this…

I’m a born and raised Chicago man, and still live here with my family. I played water polo at Villanova University, and I get back in the water as much as I can these days. Triathalons, sports and camping are a few of my favorite things. Tasting quality craft beer has become an adventure for me, and since I’m a die hard Chicago White Sox fan who married a Chicago Cubs fan, sometimes a good beer is needed during those crosstown games!

When the Chicago weather permits, I enjoy fishing, hiking and being outdoors as much as possible. Las Vegas is one of my favorite cities to visit, and I love a good Blackjack or Poker game! I’ll make conversation with anyone and everyone, and I launched this podcast to combine the business side of my life with my passion for great beer. After I enjoy some great brews, I turn the mic off and see if there is anything I can provide the owners in return for their time with me. I want their doors to stay open and their taps to stay flowin’, and if I can help make that happen, it’s an honor.

I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I do.