Werk Force Brewing Co.

Werk Force

Werk Force Brewing Co is ran by a husband and wife power couple. I got the chance to sit down with this amazing duo to learn about the dedication and sacrifice it took to make their dream a reality. It took blood, sweat and tears...literally. And with 24 taps on a daily basis, Werk Force Brewing has something for everyone that walks through their door.

I really enjoyed getting to know Brando and Amanda, they are great people who are making great beer for their local community. Give this one a listen to hear the raw emotion and passion brewers have for what they pour into our glasses.

Be sure to check them out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and visit them at 14903 S. Center St.
Plainfield, IL 60544 for the 5 Year Anniversary Celebration June 21-23!

Colleen LeMaire